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Part I:  Simplifying Rational Expressions


Video Solution to i)  [done by student, includes lesson on factoring trinomials with two variables] 

Part II:  Solving for a variable in a Rational Expressions Equation 

 2.     Solve for the variable x in each of the following equations:

Part III:  Rational Expression Word Problems


1.      Cyrus is pedaling a pedal boat in the river.  Cyrus can pedal at a speed of 7.5 km/h in still water.  Cyrus pedals 3600 m upriver (against the current), then turns around and pedals 3600 m downriver (with the current).  The entire trip takes one hour.  How fast is the current?     Answer: 1.5 km/h     Video Solution


2.     Tina is in the business of selling souvenir pens.  She buys a box of pens for $80.  She keeps five pens for herself, then sells the rest for a total of $105, thereby making a profit of one dollar on every pen sold.  How many pens were originally in the box?     Answer:  40 pens     Video Solution


3.     A group of friends go out for dinner.  The bill comes to $120.  The friends agree that they will all pay the same amount.  However, three of the friends then state that they forgot their wallet at home, so the rest of the friends have to each pay an additional two dollars.  How many friends went out to dinner in total?     Answer:  15 friends     Video Solution